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Still workin on it

2013-02-09 09:23:47 by Galdon

I've certainly improved at game design since my first games. Looking back I remember feeling tense about getting out of judgement, with my first couple games getting scores between 2-2.5 stars.

These days, when I upload a game, I seem to average about 3-4 stars. I still have a long way to go, I can't really consider myself successful until I can reliably score 4 stars, but it does help to look back and see that I am indeed improving.

End of hyrule surprising

2011-01-11 07:34:04 by Galdon

I am both surprised and proud that my last submission did as well as it did. It didn't get front paged or reach blue, but it's my personal best score, and seeing it come out of the testing period with a green highlight was really nice to see.

I periodically have odd funny ideas, which usually end up going to waste due to needing a visual aid for them, but not being artistic enough to draw it. Flash animation seems to open up an area for me that i can use to express those ideas. Entertaining people is something I really enjoy, which is also something I don't get to do much working in water treatment. Plus my own voice being as slow and monotone as it is, I'm lucky to have friends with good voices.

I decided for the sake of future videos I'm going to rip apart all the sprite sheets for LoZ: minish cap for right now, after recoloring Link for red, blue, and dark versions, that was a LOT of cutting, so far 5 hours have gone into it, and I have about 8 sprites completed and the rest are still cut but not assembled. Extremely tedious but hopefully it will help save time for the making of future videos.

End of hyrule surprising


2010-07-11 12:28:46 by Galdon

I notice on Newgrounds there are a rather large number of people who flame and bash simply because they can. At first I figured that's just how things work out, but then after posting on Kongregate, I saw a much friendlier and supportive overall outlook. Kongregate has an incentive to make your material exclusive to their site as well. I wonder how many artists have been chased from here by flamers.

The people who did probably had self esteem issues. What a troll or flamer says doesn't matter at all, what matters are those supportive comments, the ones giving suggestions, or the people who favorite artists and videos. Its easy to get upset because someone called you names or yelled something pointless and stupid at you. As long as you try, and continue to improve, the number of people who support you grows.

So yeah, if you happen to be reading this and feel tempted to just move somewhere nicer, don't forget that in the end, the best way to get back at the trolls is to continue to create things for the people who do like your work. it might just be one or two people now, but eventually, if you keep working at it, you'll have enough support to drown out any troll who tries to bring you down.


2010-06-18 14:36:42 by Galdon

Well, I've managed to start learning quite a few interesting tricks for animating, some picked up from tutorials and some made up off the top of my head from things hinted at in tutorials. Hopefully this new knowledge will make my next piece substantially better than my previous ones. Trying to refrain from posting just because I made improvement and aiming to make something really good first.

Jumping the gun

2010-06-16 09:07:11 by Galdon

Going to have to get better about that, sometimes I will make something and want to post it for feedback, then realize that I could probably have done a few other things to it to make it better. At least I realize the problem I guess, means I can work on correcting it.

Could have gone better

2010-06-11 03:36:46 by Galdon

First video upload could have gone better, as both a joke and artistic progression, I intended the video to start at poor quality then move towards better quality. I suppose that i started the scale too low, and people did not continue to watch past the first few seconds.

I'll have to remember that when remaking the video so it will be received better.