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Turn it down a bit

The animation is good, but you put the default volume on that video so high that even on the lowest volume setting my computer has, its still loud enough to be heard anyplace in the house!

Good animation, freezes though

The animation quality is really good, but it keeps freezing. A loading bar at the beginning to make sure it fully loaded before starting would probably have helped.


what i see here, is a poorly done 'the hero loses this time' piece, nothing actually original, nor does it seem any effort was made to make it original.

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I guess since my first review was deleted, I'll review it again, and give it another blam.

This game is bad. the gameplay is bad. A commercial flash game can be done right; Prince of Persia did one a while back that was great. This? Horrible in every way that could be conceived.

There are no redeeming qualities to this game, as it could easily have been made by anyone with 10 minutes and a 'make your first flash game' tutorial book in hand.

That is my REVIEW of this game and it's actual content.


Honestly, it was too easy. All you really have to do the whole game is use the best life spell available on one dice; and not use anything else. I didn't have particularly good luck with dice rolls but still won with over 90 HP

One problem I did have though was that battles tended to get rather lengthy, some battles going up to 50-70 turns because round after round resulted in ties; this was especially true about the last couple battles where so many dice were involved.

I did try using the reroll ability a couple of times; but I noticed that when it activated, it would reroll to be exactly what it was. So, that might need some tweeking, or maybe I just had the right kind of luck to do that by pure chance repeatedly.

Anyways, its an OK concept but I'd recommend mainly powersets that don't come down to as harsh an imbalance, and a larger number range for the dice; maybe 10 sided dice to cut down on so many ties.


First of all, you have to expand the game to actually play it. when submitting the entry you can submit the dimensions of the game, you should remember to use that.

I think the first time around it made some sound, but it made no sound from then on, so something with the sound code doesn't support replaying sounds after the first play through.

The boss isn't actually difficult, and the victory screen is unsatisfying, so its not very effective as entertainment either. I do recognize however that you did have some conditional code going and the controls function as they should once I figured out what they were. If you work on polishing up your game and making it more user friendly you might be able to make something good.

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