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I guess since my first review was deleted, I'll review it again, and give it another blam.

This game is bad. the gameplay is bad. A commercial flash game can be done right; Prince of Persia did one a while back that was great. This? Horrible in every way that could be conceived.

There are no redeeming qualities to this game, as it could easily have been made by anyone with 10 minutes and a 'make your first flash game' tutorial book in hand.

That is my REVIEW of this game and it's actual content.


Honestly, it was too easy. All you really have to do the whole game is use the best life spell available on one dice; and not use anything else. I didn't have particularly good luck with dice rolls but still won with over 90 HP

One problem I did have though was that battles tended to get rather lengthy, some battles going up to 50-70 turns because round after round resulted in ties; this was especially true about the last couple battles where so many dice were involved.

I did try using the reroll ability a couple of times; but I noticed that when it activated, it would reroll to be exactly what it was. So, that might need some tweeking, or maybe I just had the right kind of luck to do that by pure chance repeatedly.

Anyways, its an OK concept but I'd recommend mainly powersets that don't come down to as harsh an imbalance, and a larger number range for the dice; maybe 10 sided dice to cut down on so many ties.


First of all, you have to expand the game to actually play it. when submitting the entry you can submit the dimensions of the game, you should remember to use that.

I think the first time around it made some sound, but it made no sound from then on, so something with the sound code doesn't support replaying sounds after the first play through.

The boss isn't actually difficult, and the victory screen is unsatisfying, so its not very effective as entertainment either. I do recognize however that you did have some conditional code going and the controls function as they should once I figured out what they were. If you work on polishing up your game and making it more user friendly you might be able to make something good.

Not too good

First off; moving around was far too slow; I found myself annoyed at having to just hold the right button and waiting endlessly to end up where I was railroaded.

What choices are there by the way? We're not talking about YEARS of working, 6 days to either run your life into the dirt before the end, be with your family and everybody including your family die, or work on a cure so you guys can live on happily (except that last one won't happen since your wife kills herself in the working route)

Though then again; working hard nonstop gives you the cure on the last day; so logically spending even one day not working means all life on earth is doomed unless the game decided to screw logic and make the cure available on the last day no matter what. I can't test that though as the entire point of games with multiple endings; replay, is not just not available easily; but is deliberately disabled.

That last thing reminds me of an old Sierra game, in which you run a flight simulator; but if you crash, the game erases it's self and formats the disk (because if you crash a real plane you die). Let me tell you; it didn't go over well then either.


The flash it's self is kind of boring, though i suppose its ok as a soundboard. Anyways, you might mention to your friend, for better voice acting the sound of trying to keep your voice down while trying to make a 'loud' line is extremely noticeable and makes it sound really fake. If you get a good mic and hold it away from yourself it can help reduce that sound somewhat, and also get rid of the sound of air blowing into the mic.

Dead2Animations responds:

funny thing is he doesnt actually know about this, yet, lol :P I recorded him saying stuff without him noticing, and from some of his videos lol. Good tip though, thanks!

great game

That was a pretty fun game, A survival mode or something to play longer without restarting from scratch would be nice but its pretty good already.


You might as well have called it "spoiler-palooza" or something, anybody who likes the show wouldn't need to read through it, and anybody who hasn't seen it gets nothing but spoilers. No interactivity, and no movement makes it quite dull.

Left4DeathInFire responds:

Well, Obviously you do not watch the show because everything that I said is explained in the first three episodes, and to make sure that I didn't spoil the show, I made it shorter so that anybody who watches this but, doesn't watch the show would still have a lot in for them.

Horrid remake of original greatness

First off, the movement ability in these games are slow and slippery. Feeling like any attempt to do anything is foiled by bad design rather than poor gaming skill.

Wart I remember, however, the sizes are all wrong in the game, making it much more diffiuclt to see what you are doing. The level is bugged the first time i played it i fell THROUGH THE FLOOR at random and died. The game also seems to heavily work against the player, he launches his bubbes exactly as a new vegetable appears if you do not have one, yet if you do have one, will wait until you throw it, are out of alignment, or if all else fails your throw randomly dies first.

Throwing a LoZ battle in there is a waste. LoZ has a long history of teaching you the new moves and letting you solve things. Throwing you into the final boss fight with everything unlocked isn't just difficult, it goes against the very spirit of the game. "Thunder bird, i have a spell called thunder, maybe that works?" is not the way it happens. its "i just attained this new spell called thunder, and here's the thunder bird, i'll give it a shot"

The street boxing game was just plain bad. The barrel even hitting the enemy the max number of times only takes him halfway down. using your fists is suicide. Remember those pesky slippery controls i mentioned at the beginning? that's where this comes into play. its slow, laggy, and slippery so you can't coax the enemy into punching and sneaking in a hit between, the only way to hit him without being knocked down and losing a quarter of my health bar is glitching up into a spot where he did not register my presence, though the infinitely respawning minions still could.

Good thought, but lacks performance

The first few levels were entertaining enough, however, as it went on, I could see what the designer was thinking, but it called for such a level of precision that it became an exercise in futility to perform certain actions, rather than there being any trick or puzzle to solve, it was just repeating the same action dozens of times before managing to align perfectly. imperfect collision detection and invisible radius of effect contribute to the unnecessary level of tediousness.


It is ok, though often times i find that options given are better or worse than they first appear due to information that would be readily available before making them, but are only presented as an additional problem afterward.

This does not apply to weather or not the elevator may be full, you can't see that from another room, but when fighting a zombie, your footing and strength are within your immediate knowledge before deciding what to do and should be presented.

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