20 fan milestone

2014-08-05 21:06:08 by Galdon

Pretty low milestone, but it is forward movement at least. I seem to have begun to move past my slump earlier this year when I released several poor games in a row. My last few releases have all managed to reach the top page or two for the week they were released in. Makario even got to the front page in the popular games section briefly. 

I am continuing to practice my artwork in the hopes that I will be able to give my games the extra polish they need to stand out. I ended up using pretty bare bones pixel art in my last game, to save time so I could draw more, but I think my next game will include hand drawn artwork again. 

I am currently 7 for 7 on the One Game A Month challenge incidentally. Trying to make a good game every month has been difficult, and the beginning of the year probably shows how bad I was at it. With the last few months doing better, I am hopeful that by the end of the year I will be able to keep to the same schedule without sacrificing quality for time. 


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