Trying out One Game a Month

2014-01-20 23:22:57 by Galdon

So, I heard about the "One Game a Month" challenge, and figured, why not. I work best under a deadline, for some reason. My first game for this year, Sanity Drop, did a lot better than usual. First time to get mentioned by P-Bot's daily picks, even if it was in the runners up section. 

In other news; I was informed of a vitally important bit of information regarding my art quality that I could have used a long time ago. Apparently, when drawing, you draw much larger than the actual dimensions of the graphic, then scale down. My art quality has skyrocketted from "crime against humanity" to "Meh" in a matter of weeks thanks to this bit of information. 

Ultimately, my goal is still to improve myself and start making better quality games. I am hoping my game for February will continue to see improvement over my previous games, and will be working to ensure that it does.


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2014-01-21 00:04:00

Good luck!